Zebra Technologies delivers a comprehensive portfolio of products to support “best of breed” to the Education Sector. A global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra offers technologies that give a virtual voice to an organization’s assets, people and transactions, enabling organizations to unlock greater enterprise value.

The company’s extensive portfolio illuminates mission-critical information to help customers take smarter actions.

  •  Marking and printing technologies
  • Mobility and scanning technologies
  • RFID and real-time location solutions
  • Wireless for the Enterprise


With a Zebra scanner in hand, your staff members can capture the data that matters most — as fast and as accurately as possible. And whether you need barcode scanning in the classroom, cafeteria, library or the football game, Zebra has a scanner that’s right for your environment and your application.

DS9808 Hybrid Presentation Scanner

This one-of-a kind scanner is truly designed for both handheld and hands-free scanning mode. From checking out at the library or the cafeteria or scanning students in the classroom, the DS9808 can easily switch between modes by simply picking the scanner up or setting the scanner down on the counter. The cable connector is recessed in the integrated base, offering a very small footprint that can be accommodated in even the most space-constrained checkout stands. And, regardless of whether the device is in hands-free or handheld mode, users experience the same superior comfort and ease of use.

DS4308 Handheld Scanner

The DS4308 is a feature-rich next generation 2-D imager that resets the bar for scanning performance, scanning range, versatility and ease-of-use. Faculty and staff can capture virtually any bar code faster than ever, whether it is displayed on a smartphone, tablet or computer or printed on a label — even if it is scratched, damaged or dirty. Its small and lightweight design offers the ergonomics your workers need for all day comfort in the most scan intensive jobs. A variety of models meet a wide range of educational scanning requirements from the library to the classroom and beyond. Regardless of which model you choose, you get one powerful scanner that does the job of two. The Standard Range (SR) model offers an extraordinary range, eliminating the need to purchase separate standard and extended range scanners. The result? An extraordinary feature set and an extraordinary value.

CS4070 Companion Scanner

The CS4070 is the ideal companion to add wireless scanning to tablets, laptops and more. This affordable pocket-sized device offers Zebra’s most advanced bar code scanning technology, able to capture virtually any 1D/2D bar code, in any condition, in the time it takes to press the trigger — even if it is damaged, dirty or scratched. And the natural feel delivers comfortable no-fatigue scanning — no matter how many times a day your staff needs to scan.

LI2208 Handheld Scanner

Get the next generation in 1D scanning with the new Zebra LI2208 scanner. With the same reliability and ergonomics of our most popular scanner, the LS2208, the enhanced features enable scanning more types of bar codes at a greater distance. And whether staff members are scanning bar codes printed on paper labels or electronic bar codes displayed on the screen of a mobile phone, tablet, or computer, this best-in-class linear imager delivers unparalleled performance, every time.


Zebra’s Micro Kiosk solutions take self-service to a new level with full screen display, wireless and barcode scanning in a compact design.

MK3100 Micro Kiosk

Take self-service to a new level with rich and intuitive interactive options offered by Zebra’s MK3100 micro kiosk. You will have all the features needed to deliver a comprehensive self-service experience in the classroom or where ever check-in and check-out is required. The powerful MK3100 supports simple applications such as database look up applications as well as highly intuitive and elegantly designed multimedia applications like informational videos and messaging. This allows students and faculty to get the information they need quickly and easily.


The versatility of Zebra’s integrated voice and data mobile computing products allow you to capture and exchange business-critical information according to your specific enterprise demands. Use mobile computers to equip your faculty-on-the-go with the devices they need for success wherever they are.


The MC40 is a sleek smartphone-style mobile computer that offers the cool consumer look your faculty and staff want on the outside, with the enterprise-class data capture capabilities you need to improve productivity and customer service quality — plus the durability, data security and centralized management you need to achieve an enterprise-class lifecycle and low total cost of ownership. The MC40 mobile computer – cool consumer styling on the outside, pure industrial design on the inside.


The Zebra MC55 product family provides mobile workers both inside the enterprise campus and out in the field with voice and data services needed to streamline tasks, increase productivity as well as improve customer response times — and customer service levels. A broad array of accessories enables easy customization of the MC55 to meet the unique needs of your business applications. And with enterprise durability, manageability, security and scalability, Zebra’s MC55 easily meets the most demanding IT policies and mandates.


The TC55 pocket-sized touch computer marries rich enterprise features with smartphone functionality and form factor, now with Android KitKat and more data capture features. Your field teams have all the tools they need to work smarter and faster to better serve your students, with the security and manageability your IT team requires — all in a durable device built to last for years.

SB1 Smart Badge

The SB1 introduces a brand new category of mobile devices for your faculty and staff giving them immediate access to the information and features need. With the SB1, faculty can access personalized task lists, check in students with the integrated bar code scanner, communicate with other staff members via push-to-talk (PTT)—wherever they are in the school or campus.


Zebra card printer solutions offer improved personnel tracking, access control and secure ID badges. Choose from a broad range of single- or dual sided color card printers. Options range from wired and wireless network connectivity, smart card and magnetic stripe encoding, to lamination for higher security and card durability. There is a Zebra card printer to meet all your educational requirements: from student and faculty identification badges to booster and parent club loyalty cards.

QuickCard Bundled Solution

Get everything you need to quickly, easily and cost-effectively make professional-quality ID cards – all in one box. Includes software, cards, printer ribbon, and camera. Available in standard and professional configurations. Your choice of a Zebra ZXP Series 1™ or ZXP Series 3™ full-color card printer and CardStudio software with built-in templates.

ZXP Series 3 Card Printer

Reliable and easy to use, the ZXP Series 3 is everything you could want in a professional card printer. The ZXP Series 3 is an ideal solution for low- to medium-volume single or dual-sided printing applications that require minimal operator training and excellent print quality. ZXP Series 3 printers offer advanced features and high capacity media options.



MPact Location Based Technology

The MPact Platform is the only indoor location-based platform to unify Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® Smart technology to capture more analytics, accuracy and insight. Learn where students and faculty are instantly.

With MPact you can:
  • Determine where students/faculty located on the campus
  • Define the action you want to take based on that location
  • Execute those interactions…all automatically…all on your user’s personal smart devices…at the lowest total cost of ownership


    With one meter of accuracy, MPact is spot on. Plus, you have triple the options to engage students and faculty – presence, zone, and position. With this advanced location-based capability, you will know who is in your facility and how long they visit certain areas.
    MPact has class-leading reliability no matter what the network environment. Whether it’s Wi-Fi location-based, with Zebra Technologies’ scalable Wi-Fi portfolio powered by the WiNG 5 network, or it’s the micro-location-based enabled by Bluetooth® Smart technology beacons, you get extremely accurate location feedback.
    Get more for your investment. MPact is a unified platform that delivers both Wi-Fi locationing and Bluetooth® Smart based micro-locationing to engage students and faculty at the right time and in the right place.


Campuses can design, deploy and manage wireless networks over large areas

From dormitories, classrooms and laboratories to sprawling student grounds, there’s a lot to look after. Critical assets must be tracked and inventory secured. Wireless networks must be quickly designed, deployed and managed with ease. With Zebra’s wireless and mobility solutions, campuses have the visibility they need anywhere it’s needed. Whether it’s a wireless network in a single building or throughout an entire campus, Zebra’s mobility portfolio provides end-to-end educational solutions that can secure it all – the network, the assets and the students.

Wing5 Enterprise

WiNG 5 is Zebra’s revolutionary WLAN operating system, delivering a set of features that provide rich capabilities: complete control over the applications that are running on your WLAN; rich analytics and a new management engine that make it easier than ever to manage and troubleshoot your WLAN and better management of guest access. With WiNG 5 intelligence at every access point, networks can be created without the expense of local controller appliances – allowing autonomous single sites of up to 64 access points or remote sites of up to 128 access points. All of this is easy to deploy – your networks will be up in less time, using far less budget than you thought. The result is a robust solution that will let you take WLAN performance and control to the next level.


Designed with mid-sized enterprises and the various needs of campus environments in mind, the NX 7500 can manage up to 2,048 network elements through a single pane of glass. You have flexibility to grow with the convenient option to upgrade to 20G of data plane (field upgradable 10G modules), a redundant power supply, and optional RAID-1 storage making the network easier to manage long-term.

AP 7502E Access Point Wallplate

The AP 7502E – with its compact, inconspicuous design – is optimal for environments such as classrooms. Delivering 802.11ac power in a pocket-sized access point, the AP 7502E is powerful, secure, and easy to install – yet priced for small and medium-sized schools.